About Age of War


Age of War is a massive base defence strategy game in which you wage a never-ending war. Build units to defend your base and eliminate opponents.

Battle Through the Ages
Beginning with simple times. apes using rock catapults and bats. From cavemen riding dinosaurs to the futuristic hover tanks of the next era, each age introduces whole new units and weapons.

You must build enough soldiers and fortifications to withstand pressure from your opponent while also building up enough force to reach their base if you want to stay in the game. You can construct turrets and create additional locations for additional defensive weapons to defend your headquarters.

You too have a unique attack. Gods pouring rocks and artillery strikes are just two examples. When you're in difficulty and there are numerous enemy troops moving at you, special attacks are best deployed.

Five Ages
In the Age of War, there are five stages of development. When you have accumulated enough XP through eliminating your enemy's forces, you can transition to a new era. There are five ages:

  • The Stone Age
  • Age of the castle
  • Renaissance period
  • The modern era
  • Age in the future
  • The Legacy of the Age of War

Louissi first released Age of War as a Flash game in 2007. It was one of the original base defense games and contributed to the popularity of the genre. The game has clearly withstood the test of time; it is still enormously popular today.