About Deepest Sword


Deepest Sword is a fascinating adventure game. In this game, you will have to transform into a character and destroy the giant dragon in the dark cave.

It is only necessary to approach the dragon and stab it with your sword, but your sword is too short to reach! You get another crack in your sword whenever you fail to penetrate the giant dragon monster's heart. After being burned, you will start from the beginning with a long sword, and the level also increases with range.

There are five cycles to play. Let's get to the climax and see your finish time. It is difficult for your hero to jump from one block to another. Instead, you have to go around, use the keyboard and use the mouse to make the sword a powerful tool for you to overcome obstacles. Try not to get stuck when the blade becomes too long or too short.

This is quite an exciting game with unique missions. You will not be easily defeated because you can start over with a longer sword than before. The game manipulations and actions of the characters are unique, which differ from the adventure games that have recently been popular on the game market. If you love adventure, join this game now. Good luck.

Tips for Deepest Sword

  • Use the sword to aid in moving from block to block or crossing the bar step.
  • Align the correct position to make the sword pierce the dragon's heart.
  • The dragon only wakes up when you climb on its back, so stab the sword before it attacks you.
  • Try to complete the mission in the fastest time possible.

How to play

  • "WASD" keys to move
  • The left mouse and right mouse to rotate the sword.