About Slope 3


Slope 3 is an entertaining unlimited running game based on the slope series. Drive a ball down a sequence of slopes while avoiding obstacles to achieve a high score.

Your aim is to steer a ball down the slopes while avoiding hazards and keeping your eyes on the route. It would be preferable if you could get the ball rolling as far as possible without collapsing or falling into deep space. The faster the ball rolls on the course, the longer you run in the race. The ball begins gently and accelerates as far as you can go. After each successful jump, your score will grow by one point. Try to keep possession of the ball for as long as possible because the course has no levels or stages. Gain points to become the most admired player on the leaderboard. However, be cautious and keep an eye on the ball and the infinite racetrack. On the slopes, there are numerous insane moving obstacles, perilous pits, barriers, and tricky stuff. Furthermore, the ball can react in real time to each minor alteration. As a result, you should avoid holding the keyboard keys for too long because the ball may fall into the deep.

Features of Slope 3

  • 3D neon graphics that are eye-catching
  • Slopes that change quickly
  • There are numerous bizarre and difficult obstacles, like moving obstructions, perilous tunnels, and lethal walls.
  • The leaderboard shows who is the best.
  • Full-screen mode is now accessible.
  • Created and released

How to control:
To avoid the obstacles on the hill, use the arrow or A/D keys.