About Among Us


Among Us is a game about amusing crews. You are invited to the food-filled party. Move around the area collecting all of the food. Compete against everyone.

In the game Among Us, get ready for an exhilarating journey. Though it's a straightforward game, it's also very compelling. To become the most powerful character, try to defeat other players.

Do you want to become a detective or a spy? You take part in a game where there are four to ten other players. Each participant in this game has a unique private role. The player could be both a "Imposter" and a "Crewmate." You must locate and eliminate imposters while working with your chosen crewmates. In essence, "Among Us" is a survival game in which fakes are to be eliminated by popular vote. The crewmates' tasks are then completed. In contrast to Crewmate, the Imposter needs to kill the crew members in order to stop them from completing their tasks and win. As a result, everyone enjoys being an imponent because you have to lie and kill your opponents.

To increase the number of players, the game's goal is to eat as much food as you can. Even a rival with fewer supporters than you can cannibalize them, absorbing their entire following into your own. Having fun!

How to play:

  • Touch the screen of the mobile device to control the movement of your character.Use a mouse or keyboard (WASD / arrow keys) on the desktop.