About Vex 6


Vex 6 is the 6th sequel to the popular Vex game series. This is an engaging running platform game. Participate in the game and complete the challenges.

Find new challenges to take on and attempt to finish them while collecting all the stars and coins along the way. You won't die painfully if you collide with a massive spinning saw, but you will receive more stars if you complete the stages without getting hurt. Utilize trampolines, delta wings, ropes, and other cool items to help you get to each level's exit portal. Enjoy playing Vex 6 for free online!

How to play

The objective is to reach the endpoint of each level to complete it. There are several acts to finish in each of the game's serves, which are known as levels. After completing an activity, you can access the hardcore mode, which has more dangerous obstacles that you must get past. Use the WASD arrows to move around, run, jump, crouch, and climb walls. You could slip and fall off a platform, or you could misjudge your movements and run straight into a blade or a row of jagged spikes. Your personality will die at these points, forcing you to start the level over from scratch. Therefore, be aware of flagpoles. Naturally, if you die at one of these checkpoints, you can respawn at the previous one you activated. When you conquered all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in Vex 3, Vex 4, Vex 5, Vex 7.


  • To move your character, use the Arrow or WASD keys on the keyboard.
  • On mobile, use the left/right arrow buttons and the screen's Jump/Slide functions.