About Short Life


Short Life is a game with all your body parts in a challenging world. Each level's goal is to keep the ragdoll safe in order to earn all three stars.

In the first level of this action game, our hero must avoid a moving spiked arm. In addition, a pipe structure fires arrows directly at his head. Move slowly and carefully, and pay attention to the in-game instructions.

Our character faces new and inventive obstacles and traps as the levels progress, such as rolling barrels and exploding mines.

At each level, keep an eye out for various obstacles. Spikes must be avoided, mines must be avoided, and other deadly traps must be avoided. The various traps will harm your hero in unimaginable ways – mines, for example, will shatter your character into tiny gory pieces! This game is very interesting and requires time and quick reflexes


  • There are a lot of traps waiting for you.
  • To avoid the traps, you can jump, crouch, run, and hold.
  • Unlockable heroes
  • More than 15 levels
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • No video advertisements


  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Up arrow to jump or stand up
  • Down arrow to crouch