About Buddy Toss


The action in Buddy Toss is simple but fun and addictive; your goal is to toss a guy as high as possible while avoiding accidentally dropping him.

In the hilarious reaction game Buddy Toss, grab your buddy and launch him back into the air. He'll fly a little higher with each toss. Help the strongman time each catch perfectly or else his friend will crash to the ground and probably never get up again. The screen will violently zoom out and back in on your heroes the further you throw. See how far you can get by attempting to send your friend into space. Though it will be a disorienting experience, stay focused!

How to play:

  • Buddy Toss is a straightforward arcade game. Click left to launch your friend into the air. When he lands again, click at precisely the right time once more and begin gathering speed.
  • How quickly you can react determines how skilled you are. Your ability to react quickly will determine how far you can send your friend flying. He should be flung off into the horizon until he is hurtling through space like an organic asteroid and eventually departs the solar system. When he hits the ground, hopefully, he's still your friend!
  • The highest point you reached before tumbling back down determines your score. Test your buddy-throwing skills against your own score or that of your friends.


  • One-button operation
  • Gameplay based on timing
  • Toss the city into space!


  • Left click to toss.