About Drift Boss


Drift Boss is a popular online drift driving game. The game requires good control when crossing narrow roads. Join the game and challenge your limits

Drift boss is a car racing game in which players must drive and drift their vehicles around curves. The key to winning this game is not just driving closer to the finish line than your opponent, but also being innovative in your approach.


The more you play Drift Boss, the easier it is to stay on the platform and avoid going off. You will get the bonus part when complete the date of the goods

Daily rewards — return every day for a new daily award.

Spin to win rewards is random prizes that can appear at any time during the game.

These rewards are either boosters or currency that may be used to buy anything from boosters to better-handling cars. You can get random rockets that help you speed up the track. These include double score, auto insurance, and coin rush, all of which are only accessible for a single run.


To move to the right, use the left mouse button or the space bar.