About Duck Life 1


Duck Life 1 is a funny running game. Your mission is to control a duckling to run, swim and fly to reach the finish line to earn as many coins as possible.

Your huge farm was destroyed by a tornado comes. The only thing that survives is a single duck egg. You have to train this duckling into a racing duck. Choose a Train Running, Train Flying and Train Swimming modes to practice running, flying and swimming to level up these skills. After that, enter different running races to earn enough money to rebuild the farm. Always pay attention to the energy bar. If your duckling runs out of energy, the game is over. Eat seeds or skill seeds which can be purchased from the shop in order to increase your energy level. Try to run as fast as possible to be the first one to cross the finish line. The winner will claim a lot of coins and unlock a variety of hats and colours. You can use the coins you earn to purchase new hats and colours in the shop.

Features of Duck Life 1

  • 4 modes including Enter Race, Train Running, Train Flying, and Train Swimming
  • Many levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • A shop selling many hats, paints and seeds
  • Easy controls
  • Bright graphics

How to play

Press ARROW KEY to move, jump, and dive