About BasketBros


BasketBros is an extremely popular online basketball game developed by Blue Wizard Digital. Take part in online multiplayer tournaments and win every match.

In the exciting game, you have the opportunity to choose famous basketball players from all over the world to participate in the match. When playing you will find the gameplay is quite similar to Basketball Stars. You have to compete for the ball with your opponent to gain your advantage. Customize your character to your own style and personality. Imagine yourself as a famous basketball player and it's time for you to give your best for this first game. The audience is sitting below waiting for your results as well as your great pitches. Show it as you've always dreamed of before.

When completing the missions you will have the opportunity to discover more levels and new challenges. You'll also have more options when buying clothes in the store. Decorate your character like you are, you are a famous star, and show your style of personality that no one else has.

How to control

Use WASD or arrows to play

A few notes when playing BasketBros

Try to score as many points as possible before time runs out while avoiding being stolen by your opponent. The game will value your playing skills higher when you know how to trick and defeat your opponents. For example, to score, you can knock your opponent to the ground to get the ball, or you can stand on the sidelines and perform somersaults before throwing the ball into the opponent's basket.