About Duck Life 2


Duck Life 2 is the second version of the Duck Life series. You have to control your duck to complete levels by running, climbing, swimming, and flying skills.

In this game, you can experience various adventures and practice many skills including running, swimming, flying, climbing, and jumping. The mechanics seem difficult for many people because it requires many skills to complete levels. However, don't worry because there are many training courses for you. Make sure that you participate in courses and practice to master all necessary skills.

Start the game, collect gold coins and avoid all obstacles and dangers. The game speed will increase. Be careful! Complete all levels with the highest score.

Features of Duck Life 2

  • Adventure game
  • Various obstacles
  • Many skills including running, swimming, flying, climbing, and jumping

How to play

  • Running controls: Click to jump.
  • Flying controls: Use up and down arrow to change direction.
  • Swimming controls: Up arrow key to jump. Down arrow key to dive
  • Climbing controls: Use left and right arrow to jump between each side of the canyon.