About Tiny Fishing


Tiny Fishing is a fun fishing game in which you draw your line and try to catch as many fish as you can. You earn money for each fish you catch on your line.

Do you enjoy playing fishing games? You can play this game and go fishing using only your desktop or mobile device. Let's drop and hold your fishing line after the game begins, then click and drag your mouse from left to right. As you reel in your line to catch up with the fish, drag your hook across the screen. When your line touches the surface, you'll be paid for every fish you catch! The fish become rarer as you dive deeper, and you can make more money.

The revenue from selling fish can be used to upgrade your fishing equipment. You can extend the length of your line and increase the number of fish your pole can hold. Each catch will net you a small amount of gold, and you might even come across some undiscovered treasure while fishing.


  • To catch as many fish as you can, click and drag the hook left and right.