Description is a fun online death-match game. You will have the opportunity to compete in a battle arena against other players from all over the world!

Create your own maps quickly using the in-game level editor, then play on them! Play on one of the hundreds of millions of custom maps that the community has created, or upload your own for use by others. Use the quick play feature to jump right into a game, or make your own and customize the settings. Check back frequently because Bonkio is constantly getting updated with fresh features and enhancements. Have fun, above all else! In case you are bored with this game, you can try Body Race Online.

Game Modes

Simple: To begin, here are a few simple maps. The only controls available are the arrow keys on your keyboard. Here you can learn the basic mechanics of the game and familiarize yourself with the physics of your ball on simply designed maps.

Classic: In order to be the last player standing in the game's basic mode, you must attempt to push your rivals out of the levels. The best maps are available in this mode, and new ones are frequently added.

Arrow: With this game mode, you can now use a unique skill to shoot a projectile. When you turn your ball with the arrows to aim at an opponent and try to push him out of the level, arm a projectile with Z.

How to play

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around and jump, and press the X key to make your ball heavier. Making your ball heavier will help it absorb impact from other players, but if you use it while moving or jumping, it will also push them.