About Wheely 3


Wheely 3 is a sequel to the well-known and well-liked adventure game. Girlfriend Jolie needs a new wheel to replace, so she can help Wheely find a new bike.

Welcome to Wheely 3's vibrant and puzzle-filled world. Although being married is nice, Wheely wants to do everything in his power to make Jolie happy. You can assist Wheely in locating the wheel Jolie requested by playing the game. Come along on his third exciting adventure with him. Like its predecessors, Wheely 3 has a ton of fun levels with challenging puzzles to solve and fresh challenges to overcome. Can you move things around and make a path for Wheely to get where he needs to go by pushing the buttons and pulling the levels? Wheely needs to be moved to the red flag designating the finish in each level. manipulate his environment to ensure his safety. To solve the puzzles, use your left mouse button to click on objects, pick them up, and rotate cogwheels. Wheely will know when to stop or go if you click on him. You'll need a keen eye for some levels, so pay attention to every little thing. You might also have to race the clock on some levels! Watch out for wide gaps and shifting platforms!


To interact with Wheely and objects, use your mouse.