About Backrooms


Backrooms is a first-person found footage psychological horror survival game that tells the story of a young teen who falls into Backrooms by accident in 1998.

The creepypasta/meme known as Backrooms is the basis for the horror simulation game called Backrooms. In this game, you will become disoriented in a foreclosed office complex with maze-like rooms. Your goal is to escape this place before being killed by these dreadful creatures.

The Backrooms Game traps you in a stuffy labyrinth of rooms with no way out and nothing but the stench of musty, outdated carpets, uniformly yellow walls, and the glaring light of fluorescent bulbs. On a sizable piece of land, the rooms are dispersed at random and have the same layout. You'll need to escape this place without coming into contact with the terrible dangers that sporadically linger in the rooms.