About Geometry Dash Lite


Play Geometry Dash Lite to embark on new and exciting adventures. To win, you must guide your character through deadly obstacles and tricky roads.

There are 15 different game modes in this game. There are various levels of difficulty in each mode. You can determine the difficulty of a mode by looking at the number of stars in the upper right corner. The difficulty of a mode increases with the number of stars it has. Some of the featured modes include Dry Out, Base After Base, Back On Track, Stereo Madness, and Stereo Madness. In addition, the list of game modes includes a wide variety of modes. Can you master every mode? For the chance to win, you must finish each mode entirely. Try to overcome as many obstacles as you can to earn admirable accomplishments!

Character Select

  • In this fun game, there are 7 different characters. There are six of them: the Cube, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider. These characters will appear after you pass through the portals. Portals will appear in unexpected places throughout the game. Each of these characters moves in a unique manner.
  • Additionally, each character has a variety of skins. For the Cube and Ship characters, respectively, you can select from 148 and 51 different skins. Each skin can also be colored. There are 96 different colors in the color palette, which is very diverse.
  • The effect on your character is another novel feature of this game. In two sections following the game's seven main characters, you can select effects for moving and dying.


  • Left click/spacebar/arrows to jump.