About Flip Bottle


Flip Bottle is a straightforward but difficult one-button game. To reach the final platform, flip the bottle and make it jump from object to object.

Flip Bottle is a skill game inspired by the popular bottle-flipping trend of 2016. To get to the checkered block at the end of each level, throw the bottle onto the platforms and jump through the level. Keep in mind that you will lose if you drop the bottle anywhere on the floor. To land your bottle and proceed to the score you want, you will therefore need to use a variety of objects, including couches, tables, chairs, and other furniture. You should check it out and have fun because it's a really fascinating, enjoyable game with lots of ideas and features. If you give it a try, you'll discover that it's an immersive experience that will elevate things. Choose the right moment to jump, then try to flip the bottle correctly to win. This is a fascinating, enjoyable game chock full of amazing elements and concepts. It's thrilling, incredibly fascinating, and loaded with rewarding advantages. Just look into it and give it a shot right now!


  • To jump, click the left mouse button at the appropriate time.