About Crossy Road


Crossy Road is an arcade game with gameplay similar to the classic Frogger game. The game gives you coins that can be used to unlock new characters.

In the game, players will transform into funny little animals and control them to cross the road in the safest way. Crossy Road possesses simple but equally unique graphics with 8-bit square graphics, reminiscent of old plastic tape games.

The main animal that the player will control throughout is a cute little chicken, leading it to a safe path. In addition, each time you collect gold coins or items, you can unlock more than 50 other animal characters with many unique designs and rich colors.

With the initial levels, the traffic on the street is not much, just a few cars, so the player has not yet felt the difficulty. However, later on, the street will be full of cars, and even the speed of cars on the road is very fast, so being careful is one of the principles when playing Crossy Road.


  • Collect over 150 pop art-inspired retro-styled characters.
  • Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers indefinitely.
  • Dodge traffic with the Android Robot in a candy wonderland.
  • Simple, pure, and original gameplay.
  • It's completely free to play.

How to play:

  • Use WASD or arrow keys.