About Scary Maze


Scary Maze is the original and most well-known Scary Maze game. Move expertly through the classic maze levels, taking care not to touch the boundaries.

The eerie maze The game is for thrill-seekers or... for those looking to make an impression on friends. What guidelines apply? The cursor must only be moved within the defined maze.

You must be shrewd and precise; else, you will fast cross the line, lose the round, and have to start the game over from scratch in order to win. I can guarantee you that it will be worthwhile to wait, and the outcome will undoubtedly surprise you. In particular on the third level. The most startling moment is when the horrifying monster arrives out of nowhere and screams really loudly. You must try the scary maze because it is so well-known throughout the world.

Game Controls:

  • To start the game, LEFT CLICK.
  • To navigate the dot through the mazes, use the mouse.