About Drift 3


Drift 3 is a drift game inspired by Drift Boss, where you will compete with many different players. Try to overcome the dangerous roads to win

If you enjoy automobile driving games, particularly those with a drifting theme, this game is great for satisfying your craving. Drift 3 is a new version of the vehicle drifting game series that includes several new features. In addition to the main principles of one drifting game, these factors are expected to provide you with thrilling and fascinating experiences. Let's look at these characteristics!

In the game Drift 3, each race will have up to 8 players participating. You can eliminate your opponents by crashing into other cars and pushing them down into space. In addition, you can buy the cars you love. This is a competitive game full of adventure, try to fight hard, I believe you will!

Drift 3 is built on the limitless theme, in which you run as far as you can. The game only finishes when you are the final person standing and have won.
Press the start button to experience fresh and intriguing elements in this drifting game!

How to play

Press or release the left mouse button to control your vehicle's direction.