About Duck Life


Duck Life is a fun adventure game developed by Wix Games where you train your duck for races! To improve your duck, practice each discipline separately.

A long time ago, you were ạn owner of a huge farm and earned loads of money a year. Unfortunately, one day, a tornado came along and destroyed everything. The only thing left is a single duck egg. Why don’t you train your duckling into a racing duck to earn money and rebuild your farm?

Strict Training

Before joining the official races, you need to take part in training courses as a variety of minigames that include running, swimming, and flying to help your duck improve.

  • Running Training: In this training course, the duck has to run on the flat plain. However, there are many rocks rolling toward it. Therefore, you need to control the duck to jump as high as possible to avoid them. Don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible. You should practice running regularly to accumulate as many experience points as possible to increase your running level or speed during the race.
  • Swimming Training: In this minigame, the cute duck has to jump into the water and practice swimming. This is an important skill to win the race. While swimming, you can see a variety of obstacles such as a flagged boat, a ferry, a sailboat, an iceberg, a stone post, and an island. Therefore, you need to press the up and down arrow keys to jump or dive. If you see a flagged boat, a ferry, or a sailboat, you need to jump as high as possible to overcome them. For an iceberg, a stone post, or an island, you should dive down to evade them. Do your best to gather as many coins as possible. After a swimming training course, you will gain a lot of experience points. These XP goes to your swimming level or speed in water during the race.
  • Flying Training: In this minigame, the duck stands on the hill and jumps down the slope to fly. Your mission is to drag the screen to change its flying direction. Take control of the duck to fly up or down to collect coins. Its flying speed will decrease gradually and finally, the duck will fall into the water. Therefore, do your best to get as many coins as possible before it drops. This flying course will help you gain many experience points as well as increase your flying level or speed in the sky while racing.

Competitive Races

After mastering the necessary skills for this game, the duck is ready to enter the most competitive races. There is a total of five rounds from Beginner Races to the World Championship. The degree of difficulty of the rounds will increase from the Beginner Races to the World Championship. In addition, each round has 4 races that take place in 4 different locations, except for the World Championship. If you want to win, you need to control the duck to overcome many deadly obstacles and run as far as possible. Your opponents are also very strong, so you have to do your best. Here’s the list of races you have to join.

  • Beginner Races: If your skill levels are from 10 to 40, you should participate in these races. They are held in Green Valley, Rocky Cliff, Shallow Lake, and Natural World. Completing a race will reward you with 50 coins and a new colour or hat.
  • Amateur Races: These races are suitable for anyone whose skill levels are from 40 to 100. They include Banister Climb, Leap of Faith, Swimming Pool and Rooftop Jumping. The reward for a champion is 100 coins and a new colour or hat.
  • Expert Races: Only experts whose skill levels are more than 100 are qualified to join these races. They include Up the Volcano, Over the Volcano, Across the River, and Volcano Challenge. If you get victory in these races, you will earn 200 coins and a new colour or hat.
  • The World Championship: It is the most difficult race with the reward of 200,000 coins, a new farm and a crown.

Nourishing process

Another duty in this game is to nourish your duck. As an athlete, your duck needs a lot of energy during the race. Therefore, you need to purchase the necessary seeds in the shop before the race. The blue seed, known as a skill seed, costs ten coins. It not only provides a significant boost in energy but also increases your skills. Additionally, the regular seed is also available for general feeding. This seed is very cheap and boosts your energy.

How to control

  • Press UP OR DOWN ARROW KEYS to jump over or dive down
  • Click the left mouse button to jump
  • Use the mouse to drag the screen to change the flying direction
  • Press LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left or right

More interesting facts about Duck Life

An item shop

The shop sells a variety of goods including hats, paint colours and seeds. For hats and paint colours, you must embark on different races to unlock them. After that, use the coins you earn to purchase them. There are a variety of paint colours such as hazel brown, juicy orange, crazy red, deep purple, boring grey, midnight black, pretty pink, snow white, lime green, and sky blue. Each colour costs only 50 coins. Although the colour doesn’t influence your duck’s performance, it will make a little athlete more fashionable and different from other ducks. Like paint colour, the hats also make your duck’s appearance more stylish Here’s a list of hats in the shop.

  • Flat Cap: It is available from the start of the game. Therefore, you can buy it for your duck.
  • Bowler Hat: It is unlocked after you get a victory in the Beginner Races: Natural World. Spend 100 coins to purchase it for your cute athlete.
  • Propeller Hat: If you want to unlock this hat, you need to participate in the Amateur Races: Rooftop Jumping. It costs only 100 coins.
  • Liberty Spikes: It will be unlocked if you are a champion in the Expert Races: Volcano Challenge. Its price is only 100 coins.
  • Crown: If you win the World Championship, it will be unlocked. Use the 100 coins you collected to buy it.


Duck Life is the first installment of the Duck Life series which was created by Wix Games, an indie studio in the UK. The game was released on November 5, 2007.