About Paper.io 2


Paper.io 2 is a massively multiplayer online io game. Start the game by choosing your favorite character. Conquer as many territories as possible.

The popular game's sequel is Paper.io 2. Establish yourself as the ruler of the map by capturing new lands! Your ranking and scores improve as you win more space. Quick action and thought are required. Create a plan of action and a strategy of your own.

How to Play

  • Move around the map with your mouse while applying color. To claim an area, glide over other players' and white space before making a connection to your own color.
  • Your tail is vulnerable to attack when you move outside of your color. That implies that other players could collide with it and destroy you.
  • You'll be engaged in constant conflict with other Paper.io 2 players over who controls which territory.


  • Online matches with other players in real-time
  • Custom skins to express your personality
  • Addictively enjoyable gameplay


  • To control your snake, use the WASD or arrow keys, or move your mouse.