About Duck Life: Space


Duck Life: Space is a new version of the Duck Life series where you still must run and overcome all obstacles. However, there are new things. Start and enjoy!

If you are a fan of the Duck Life series, you are so familiar with the rules of this game. Your mission is still to run and avoid all obstacles. The gameplay is simple because it does not requires many skills like previous volume. However, mastering this game is not still easy. You can try and practice many times to become a Duck Life professor. Show your abilities and see your level. Besides that, the significant new thing in this game is the game environment. You are not in a forest or normal place. Now, you are in space where you have to fight and escape from aliens. Try now!

Features of Duck Life: Space

  • Simple gameplay
  • Cool graphics and art animations
  • Space environment

How to play

Click to play game.