About Vampire Survivors


Vampire Survivors is a rogue-lite-time survival RPG with minimalist gameplay published by Luca Galante. Kill all the zombies that are pulling close to you.

Vampire Survivors starts out simple enough. Only the left analog stick is used for movement, and attacks are timed automatically at set intervals. As you weave between the openings, making sure the monsters you're targeting are within your attack radius, you can expect constant attacks from all directions. You begin the game with a whip and face off against both faithful recreations of iconic video game monsters and some truly terrifying unique inventions, all while being reminded of the Castlevania series. You have "beaten" the level if you survive for 30 minutes before Death swoops in for a quick kill.

When you begin a new attempt, you'll be beginning at square one with your character and their default equipment. Even if your attacking alternatives don't seem like enough at first, you can probably make them all feel fantastic. In order to clear the road, spray a wall of blades in front of you. Use the garlic's circular field to melt a bat colony as you wade through it. Hide out in a whirlwind of catfights. I had access to every conceivable kind of weapon, and even more.

Game Tips

  • Take your time collecting gems and things, as they will not vanish.
  • Obtain two or three offensive weapons at the start, but prioritize leveling each one independently.
  • Armor and Luck are excellent starting power-ups to invest in.
  • Refund power-ups frequently, as it is free, and test out various upgrading routes.