About Apple Worm


Apple Worm is a fun game with an adorable snake. You will control it to collect apples to increase the body length and go through the portal.

This game is ideal for you if you enjoy solving small puzzles. In the game, you need to gather apples and practice your logic brain by solving challenging puzzles! You must assist the worm in gathering apples and escaping the level. Run through the maze in pursuit of the priceless apples, but take care because the puzzles in this game are not as straightforward as they first appear, and they are packed with cunning traps. To obtain an apple, stay safe, and make it to the portal, you must carefully plan your movements.

The tricky in Apple Worm

  • Narrow slits keep you stuck and cannot turn around. All you have to do is start over from the beginning. You may be frustrated by not being able to win. However, if you play many times, you will find the best way to pass the level. Let's determine the best winning strategy to beat the worm games as soon as possible.
  • The stones at higher levels can be instrumental in helping you collect apples faster and pass the level easier. But be careful because they also can get you stuck again.
  • The length of the snake is necessary to reach the portal. However, increasing the snake's length before going through the slits in the maze can cause you to lose.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control.