About Baby Chicco Adventures


Baby Chicco Adventures is an adventure game. You have to control the little Chicco character to overcome all obstacles and dangers to get the highest score.

This game is a platform game in which you will transform into a little penguin, Chicco, and save our penguin from the perils of the video game world. There are many dangers and obstacles on the way, such as orange monsters, purple octopus, and brick square. Be careful! Besides that, you can experience many topographic and unique environments to create an interesting journey.

This game is suitable for everyone. Have a blast playing this wonderful game and completing all of the tasks!

Features of Baby Chicco Adventures

  • Attractive adventure and arcade game
  • Various dangers and obstacles
  • Cartoon character
  • Record your highest score

Release Date

  • Feb 11 2022

How to play

  • Move: AD or left and right arrow keys
  • Jump or fly: W or Z or up arrow key
  • Shoot: X or J