About Birds Hex Jigsaw


If you love jigsaw puzzles then you can join Birds Hex Jigsaw. Challenge yourself to arrange the hexagon pieces and recreate the original image. With two exciting game modes and a total of 24 levels in each mode, you'll have plenty of puzzles to solve. Test your skills and race against the clock to complete each level within the given time limits.


Use the mouse to drag the puzzle pieces into the correct position.

The rule in Birds Hex Jigsaw

Players must arrange hexagonal puzzle pieces to recreate a picture of a bird. The game features two modes: Classic and Time Attack, each with 24 levels. In Classic mode, there is no time limit, allowing players to solve puzzles at their own pace. In Time Attack mode, players must complete each level within a specified time limit.

To play, players analyze the picture and fit the hexagonal pieces together, rotating them as needed. Hints are available to assist if players get stuck, but using hints will deduct time from the remaining time limit in Time Attack mode.