About Bitlife


Bitlife is a game that simulates the life of a random character who makes choices that will affect their relationships, career, finances, and health.

In the premium version of Candywriter, LLC's simulation game BitLife - Life Simulator, you can access new features like the ability to hire an assassin and buy exotic pets, among other things.

For instance, there isn't a primary goal in this game because you get to build your own life from the ground up, from childhood to adulthood. This is the first life simulation game that allows text-based gameplay instead of tacky graphics. Everyone seems to be hooked on the straightforward style. You can either choose wisely or poorly. Play free online Bitlife games right now on your PC.

How to Play

First, even at the age of 0 days, you will be able to make decisions. Your parents, siblings, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, and even your pets will be impacted by every decision you make. You will need to make decisions regarding your first side hustle, first job, first school, and other things.

For instance, there will be times when making a decision requires alertness, but proceed with caution as it will have an impact on your life. Verify your level of love, beauty, and happiness. By engaging in actions that have a direct impact on these emotions, you can manage them. Additionally, you can enhance your appearance through plastic surgery or your mental health through therapy. It resembles leading a different life that you are aware is not real. That is the main focus of BitLife.


  • Text-based options
  • Life's exciting events
  • Select your jobs
  • It's completely free to play and download.
  • Take part in real-life activities.