About Body Race Online


Body Race Online is a simulation of a healthy lifestyle. You must finish your race in order to obtain rewards for eating properly and avoiding fast food.

You can also play this newest game and experience the enchantment of weight reduction in this fantastical gaming world if you can't handle the discomfort and anguish of losing weight in real life. This game is recognized as one of the most intriguing new arcade games this year due to its 3D art design and addictive gameplay. Can you consistently consume the right amount of protein and fat?

In the game, you must gather varied amounts of meat and vegetables based on the suggestions made in each level and overcome the challenges listed in each level while keeping your weight under control. Before continuing to the following level, arrive at the destination in good health and get your prizes.

Features of Body Race Online


  • exercise game
  • slick visuals and artistic animation
  • basic gameplay
  • several levels
  • Get Coins

How to control

  • Click or tap to navigate.