About Catlife


In Catlife, you may have chance taking care of the cute cat. Let’s start with fixing the room. Following its requirement and creating a comfortable zone for the cat. It’s so cute time. 

With the virtual pet game CatLife, you may enjoy all the benefits of cat ownership virtually. You will feed, brush, and provide your virtual cat with a cozy home as part of your caretaking duties in the game. You can maintain your cat's health and happiness by doing this.

Playtime activities that you may do with your cat to improve your relationship include playing hide-and-seek, chasing toys, and laser pointer sessions. Your cat will benefit from cerebral stimulation from these activities, and you and your virtual friend will become close.

You may also explore various gaming areas using CatLife. Your cat may have a secure and engaging habitat if you provide warm resting areas, climbing trees, and scratching posts. You may also personalize your cat's look with a variety of accessories, such collars, tags, and cute clothes. Make your cat stand out in the virtual world by showcasing their own flair.

In CatLife, completing tasks and challenges will provide you prizes and you access to new features. For incentives and social interaction, you may also interact with the pets of other players. To enjoy the virtual cat owning experience, create your own cat owner profile and choose your favorite breed of cat.

How to play

To play the game, use your mouse or touch screen.