About Count Master


Count Master is an arcade game where you have to apply your counting skills to collect stickmen. Then, your stickmen will fight with other color stickmen.

Stickman is familiar with you in adventure games, Count Master is a new kind of game. Gathering as many stickmen as you can is what should you do. On each part of the road, there are two gates for you to choose from. You need to calculate to have the most stickmen. Then your stickmen fight with groups of other colored stickmen. You gain the victory if you have more stickmen than other groups. Also, you should be sure that your stickmen to avoid obstacles as they eliminate the number of stickmen. You also get more coins if you reach the finish line with many stickmen.

Count Master is a game that can help you increase your counting skill. Don’t wait anymore, let’s enjoy the game.

Features of Count Master

  • Easy to control and play
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

Swipe left and right to move