About Crazy Chicken Jump


Crazy Chicken Jump is a thrilling adventure game between adorable chickens. Use the skills of a chicken to jump, fly high to eat stars, and accumulate points. In this game, you assume the role of a chicken with impressive jumping abilities. It's time to discover how high and how far your chicken can jump as we delve into the core elements of the game.

Control mechanism

Slide your mouse.

The Jumping Heights of a Chicken

Your chicken possesses the extraordinary ability to continuously leap from one platform to another. The distance between platforms is the key factor determining how high your chicken can jump. These platforms act as essential foundations, enabling your chicken to make successive jumps. Therefore, the answer lies in the spacing between the platforms.

How to Play

Crazy Chicken Jump features automatic jumping skills for your chicken, eliminating the need for you to worry about this aspect. Instead, your focus should be on controlling the jumping direction to navigate past obstacles such as cacti. Colliding with these cacti will result in the unfortunate demise of your character. On the bright side, there are power-ups, such as jumping pads, that allow you to achieve even greater heights. To complete a level, your goal is to reach the chicken nest.