About Doodle God Ultimate Edition


Doodle God Ultimate Edition is an excellent puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to combine two different elements to create a new element on the Earth.

Play this game now to understand how Doodle God created the Earth. In this game, you have to match two different elements to create a new element. For example, the combination of the earth and fire is lava. If you match the air with water, the result is steam. If you get stuck, click the hint button to get the suggestion from the game. You will claim many strikes after making a match. Accumulate as many strikes as possible to purchase new boosters in the shop.

There are 5 quests including Devil vs God, Survivor, Greatest Inventions, The Rise of Egypt, The Angel and The Imp, Save The Princess, and Run Santa. Use the strikes you earn to unlock them.

This game features 4 stages of the Earth including Beginning, Technology, Morden Age and World of Magic. Try your best to complete all stages in sequence.

Features of Doodle God Ultimate Edition

  • A variety of elements
  • 7 quests with dynamite storyline
  • Many levels including Beginning. Technology, Morden Age, World of Magic
  • A shop selling many boosters
  • Many missions to complete
  • Beautiful 2D graphics and catchy music tunes

How to play

Use the mouse to play