About Duck Life: Battle


Duck Life: Battle is a new version of the Duck Life series in which you have to fight other ducks to gain coins and wood to return to your world.

You can design your character following your interest at the beginning of this game. You can pick the color, appearance, and name of your character.

In this game, you begin by transforming a king who dominates a country. However, a tornado has taken all from you. You are lost in a strange town and have to fight other ducks to collect coins and wood. Can the duck king return to his world? It depends on your skills. In the battle town, you can encounter many other ducks. Start battles and win. Note that you can use many types of equipment to become stronger before a war. Use earned coins to equip!

Features of Duck Life: Battle

  • Exciting adventure
  • Design your character
  • Various missions and races

How to play

Use mouse or arrow keys to play game.