About Duck Shooting


Duck Shooting is an exciting and fantastic shooting game in which you have to aim and shoot down ducks flying from the lawn. Kill ducks and gain score!

In this game, you will experience the feeling of a hunter who is finding and hunting ducks. There are various wild ducks, and they fly at different speeds to different destinations. Your mission is to aim and eliminate all ducks; remember that you have three bullets to hit the ducks, don't let them fly away, or you will lose a life.

This game resembles the classic Duck Hunt and brings an exciting experience. In particular, this game is suitable for all ages. You can consider this game as a great way to relax and entertain, thanks to the beautiful landscapes and peaceful atmosphere in this game.

Features of Duck Shooting

  • Simple but attractive gameplay
  • Excellent graphics and art animations
  • Beautiful and eye-catching landscapes

How to play

  • Arrow keys to move the scope
  • Space bar to shoot