About DuckPark.io


AquaPark.io is an exciting and fun racing game in which you have to control your duck character to reach the target pool and defeat other players.

You will transform into a cute duck character to participate in tough races in this game. Your mission is to control and guide the duck guy to reach the destination while having to compete with other players. You can use boosters and tactics to get the tub first. Note that you can knock other ducks off the track by moving left to the right. Another special feature in this game is the ability to fly off the tub. You can use this advantage to move faster. However, be careful because you can fall to the ground. When you touch the ground, the game ends.

After finishing your mission, you can earn coins. Use these coins to upgrade the duck's skin.

Features of AquaPark.io

  • Fun and attractive gameplay
  • Various levels with many different maps
  • Multiplayer

How to play

  • A or left arrow key = steer to the left
  • D or right arrow key = steer to the right