About Elastic man


Elastic man is a funny arcade game and virtual stress reliever where you pull and stretch Morty's face. It's strangely realistic and oddly satisfying.

Elastic Man is a fun and addicting game that you can play for free online at It is more like a face-stretching simulator. You will be given a weird elastic head that looks like cute little Morty from the TV show Rick and Morty. You can stretch it in any way you like. You might find yourself doing that for hours, just to mess around. Nothing is set in stone. You can pull, stretch, and pinch every part of Morty's face. Facepalm like you've never done before. You can set the graphics quality to high to make the game feel more real. This game is so fun because it looks and moves so realistically that it's hard to believe. You can stretch it, twist it, or do anything you want with it. Try to pull it out by grabbing an eye ate. You can make funny faces by clicking on the nose. Pull its ears like never seen before. Elastic Man is a lot of fun.


You can pull and stretch the face by using the left mouse button.