About FNAF World


FNAF World is a popular game that combines RPG mechanics with eccentric characters and the world of FNAF. FNAF World is a unique and exciting RPG for FNAF fans.

FNAF World is a role-playing game (RPG) based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) franchise. It was developed by Scott Cawthon and was released in 2016. In "FNAF World," players control a team of characters from the FNAF series and explore a colorful world filled with enemies to battle and secrets to uncover.

The game features turn-based battles where players select actions for their team to perform, such as attacking or using abilities. Players can level up their characters and equip them with new abilities and equipment as they progress through the game. The world of "FNAF World" is filled with various locations, each with its own set of enemies to battle and secrets to uncover.

How to play

  • Choose your team: Assemble a team of characters from the FNAF franchise to take on the world. Players can select up to four characters to make up their team.
  • Explore the world: Move around the world map and enter various locations to explore. Along the way, players will encounter enemies to battle.
  • Battle enemies: When an enemy is encountered, players will enter into a turn-based battle. Players select actions for their team, such as attacking or using abilities, and the enemy will then take its turn. Battles continue until either the enemy is defeated or the player's team is defeated.
  • Level up and equip: As players progress through the game, their characters will earn experience points and level up. Players can also acquire new equipment and abilities to strengthen their team.
  • Continue exploring: Continue exploring the world, battling enemies, and leveling up your team until you reach the end of the game.