About Four In A Row


Four In A Row is an exciting puzzle game. Your goal is to be the first one to form a four-disc connection in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction.

The mechanics of this game is super simple. You and your rival take turns dropping the circle discs into the grid board to line up four discs. The connected line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Actually, this game is harder than it looks as it requires strategic skills. You must plan your moves in advance and ask yourself what your opponent would do next. If your rival achieves a three-disc connection, drop your disc into the fourth spot to block his or her win. It is a good idea to set a '7' trap with 3 horizontal discs and 2 diagonal discs. Note that the time of each turn is limited. Decide quickly and drop your disc before the time is over. Do your best to be the first one to match four of your discs in a connected line to get a victory.

Come on! Choose your favourite colour and tap the Ready button to play this game now. In this game, you can adjust the field size and winning condition in the setting. There is a total of 3 field sizes including Default, Stretch and Large and 4 winning conditions. You can select them for free at the start of the game.

This game offers 3 modes including Online Players, Two Players and Play Vs Computer. If you are a beginner, choose a Play Vs Computer to practice with the CPU. If you master this game, you can choose an Online Players or Two Players mode to play with other players over the world or your friends.

Features of Four In A Row

  • A variety of colours, winning conditions, and field sizes to select
  • 3 modes (Online Players, Two Players and Play Vs Computer)
  • Simple controls
  • Multiplayer
  • Nice 2D graphics and relaxing music tunes

How to play

Use the mouse to play