About G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 is an exciting running game in which you have to run through various obstacles by jumping between two platforms. Avoid falling into space and win!

You can enjoy an attractive running race full of obstacles and dangers in this game. You will transform into a bone character to explore amazing races. Your mission is to run and overcome all obstacles to complete the race while avoiding falling into space. You can select between normal mode,e endless mode, and multiplayer mode. In normal and endless mode, you participate in a race alone where you need to run as long as possible while you can invite many friends to join this game if you play it. Choose your favorite mode and enjoy this game! Have fun!

Features of G-Switch 3

  • Addictive running game
  • Various modes and obstacles
  • Simple gameplay

How to play


  • Click to jump


  • Player 1: "C"
  • Player 2: "M"
  • Player 3: Ctrl
  • Player 4: Right
  • Player 5: "A"
  • Player 6: Num "3"