About Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is a free side-scrolling platformer played in sync with musical rhythms.You can listen to nice musics and relax while playing.

Keep the musical energy going by grooving over and beneath obstacles.You'll have to start over if you make a mistake!

How to Play

The square in Geometry Dash moves by itself. Simply use the up/down arrows to drive the cars and click to leap when necessary. Turn on your speakers and enjoy the journey since the way you dodge obstacles is frequently in sync with the music!

As you go through the stages, other sections with exciting new noises, colors, and abilities require extra attention. It's a fantastic musical adventure!

Game Tips

The greatest tip is to keep your movements timed to the pulse of the music. Keep your cool. If you're not anxious, the game will be lot easier! Practice! Over time, you'll pick up on the small movements you'll need to proceed. Share your achievements with others and learn from fellow gamers.


Difficulty levels vary from difficult to near-impossible.

The game's straightforward controls make it simple to get started playing right away.

Excellent music that makes you want to keep listening till the song progresses to the next section! Fun, beat-synchronized gameplay!


  • SPACE/UP, HOLD DOWN arrow = jump SPACE/UP Multi-jump = ARROW
  • UP and DOWN arrows indicate which way you should steer the vehicle. Down the arrow indicates that the car should be steered.
  • If you contact the spikes, you'll have to start all over again!