About Gulper.io


Gulper.io is a modern take on the traditional snake and Tron lightcycles games, but it is played against actual people. Eat pieces of balls and destroy other worms

Collect colorful orbs to grow in size and score, and try to intercept other players to have them collide with you; this will destroy them, and you may then collect all of the materials they left behind. Headbutts on the heads of two snakes will swiftly kill both players! The unique feature of Gulper.io is that you can enhance your speed; nevertheless, this unique skill will lead you to shrink in size very slowly. As a result, choosing a relatively fast-moving strategy to gain an advantage over other players and surprise them is conceivable.


  • Neon shimmering visuals are cool.
  • Movement and gameplay are fluid.
  • Minimap to see where other worms are.
  • Using the slider, you may change the color of your worm.


  • To increase your speed at the expense of your size, utilize the left mouse button.