About Happy Superman


Take part in the ultimate car racing in Happy Superman. Take control of your character and amass an impressive collection of coins and gems. You will assume the role of a superhero and embark on a mission to emerge victorious in intense races. The rewards are abundant, with plentiful gold coins and precious gems awaiting those who claim first place. Challenge yourself to fulfill your mission and conquer each race. Each game mode presents its unique set of targets, and it is imperative to skillfully complete them all.

Control Instructions

  • Press the up arrow key to accelerate your vehicle.
  • Use the down arrow key to decelerate or slow down.
  • To make a left turn, press the left arrow key.
  • For a right turn, use the right arrow key.
  • Activate your character's special skills by clicking the left mouse button.

Get rewarded every day

You can unlock a plethora of rewards. Each day brings a unique reward that awaits your claim. These rewards may consist of substantial coin bonuses or valuable power-ups, such as shields, thunder abilities, bombs, and more. Utilizing these power-ups strategically will expedite your progress and enable you to swiftly complete the game's challenges. Make it a habit to engage with the game frequently and reap the benefits of these enticing rewards.