About Hexa Dungeon


Hexa Dungeon is a fierce fighting game between Zombies. Play as a brave knight assigned an important mission: defeat hordes of aggressive zombies. Harness the power of gems, obliterate the undead, and protect your own well-being as you engage in this thrilling battle against the zombie horde. Are you prepared to face this daunting challenge head-on?

As the kingdom faces an imminent threat from these ferocious undead creatures, your skills as a hero will be put to the test. It is your duty to swiftly eliminate the zombies and protect the realm from their insidious grasp. Can you rise to the occasion and fulfill this perilous quest? The fate of the kingdom rests in your hands.

How to control

To connect the gems and unleash their power, simply use your mouse. Click and drag to create a chain of connected gems, aligning at least four of the same color. By doing so, you will activate the destructive abilities of the gems and gain the upper hand in combating the zombies.

Kill the scary zombies

In order to eliminate the menacing zombies, you must harness the power of gems in Hexa Dungeon. By connecting at least four gems of the same color, you can unleash their destructive force. Destroying four gems will generate a powerful orb with a strength of six, capable of obliterating the undead. To maximize the impact, aim to create chains of connected gems, amplifying the potency of each power orb.

Every zombie you encounter will have a health bar displayed above its head. Deplete this health bar by strategically unleashing your power orbs. Keep in mind that you also possess a health bar, representing your own vitality. Be cautious, as your health bar will diminish if you fail to eliminate the zombies swiftly and efficiently.