About Highway Road Racing


Highway Road Racing is a fast-paced racing game in which you may create a new highway distance record. Drive as far as you can while avoiding other road users.

There are up to 13 distinct colored cars in the game. These automobiles all have one thing in common: they are all pricey sports cars that are adored across the world. To improve your gaming experience, you may purchase and modify automobile equipment such as wheels, steering wheels, lights, horns, and so on. Modify to your preference, and your in-game experience will improve. There are also three game types to select from: one-way, two-way, and time attack. You may pick a route with varied surroundings in each mode, such as the Grand Canyon, Santa Monica, and Bryce Canyon. Highway Road Racing is ideal for racers who enjoy visuals and want to drive a plethora of luxury automobiles on the highway.

How to control

To control the vehicles, use the WASD or arrow keys.