About Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night


Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a Halloween-themed variant of Hungry Shark Arena that has scarier outfits. Begin playing online! There is no download.

In Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night, things are getting spooky. As midnight approaches, the water is enveloped in darkness! Underwater, there are creatures searching for food, and you must engage in ruthless combat to survive. To enlarge oneself and strive with other players for supremacy in the game, hunt prey. The three different types of sharks (Brawler, Hunter, and Racer) have a lot of new skins available in Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night, which also has a darker ambience. The game has been optimized, and since online games are now more active than ever, you can acquire experience to advance through the stages and receive rewards. There is also a list of the top players online.


  • Click the left mouse button to attack and move the mouse to swim around.