About Hyper Life


Hello and welcome to the strange world of Hyper Life, a fun computer game that takes you on an exciting trip through many strange situations. Every little choice you make changes your path and opens up new adventures for you.

Going on an exciting trip means going into the wild, where strange animals live. Or, you could cause trouble and annoy your neighbors while enjoying the fun of playing jokes on them. You can make that choice, and that choice will determine your fate.

But Hyper Life is more appealing than just adventures. Make new friends and enjoy times of fun and friendship with them. And for those who want a romantic relationship with a dark edge, get lost in the mysterious world of your Gothic girlfriend.

As you move through the game, the options grow by leaps and bounds, giving you a wide range of amazing experiences that are hard to imagine. Every choice you make has the potential to take you to the strangest places you can imagine.


Remember that you need to carefully think about every question in the game. Get love, money, and knowledge as you make your way through the maze of options, and try to get as many life events as possible before you turn 18. You are the one who can make things happen.


Jump into Hyper Life, a world where reality isn't so clear-cut and the unbelievable is your game. May luck be with you as you start this exciting journey!