About Jewels Blitz 4


Jewel Blitz 4 is a thrilling puzzle game. This game is played by swapping a jewel to create three or more of a kind to remove obstacles and collect jewels.

In the jungles of Central America, there is a tribe that has lived there for thousands of years. It is said there were many treasures hidden in these jungles. As a treasure hunter, let’s go deep into these jungles to discover them. Meet a young Maya princess. She will give you instructions to find out jewel treasure easily. Swap a jewel in any direction to match 3 or more jewels of the same kind to collect jewels and other ancient treasures and remove obstacles. Combine more than 3 jewels to create combos. Activate boosters to use to easily accomplish the target and win the level. Try your best to get 3 stars and the highest possible points in each level. Pay attention to the maximum of moves. If you run out of moves but don't reach the level target, you will lose.

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Features of Jewel Blitz

  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty to complete.
  • Daily challenges with valuable rewards.
  • Bright graphics, lovely art style, and a vibrant soundtrack

How to play

Use the mouse or touch control to switch jewel