About Kill The Monster


Kill The Monster is a fast-paced running action game. You must sprint and collect gold coins along the road before meeting a monster at the end of each race.

In this game, you can take part in exciting and fun races that are filled with obstacles and bonuses to be collected! You have to guide a man down a road while gathering gold coins and destroying little monsters along the way to complete the objective. Use earned gold coins to unlock new character skins. It's important to note that there are some bonuses that can assist you to run or jump faster. Let's go ahead and gather them to get the advantages! After the completion of the races, you will face a massive monster. Defeat it in order to proceed to the next level! There are a large number of different levels to discover. Take your time and enjoy playing this game!

Features of Kill The Monster

  • Exciting and simple gameplay
  • Colorful and eye-catching graphics and effects
  • Various beautiful character’s skins
  • Many different levels

How to control

Slide your mouse to control the character.

Click your mouse to attack monsters.