About Ladder Race 3D


Ladder Race 3D is a game of building stairs to overcome obstacles . Only the best runner will survive to become the ultimate ladder race champion!

Ladder Race 3D Game welcomes you to the bright and exciting racing environment.

Begin your journey of building stairs and climbing ladders as the best stair racer in new games by playing Ladder Race 3D.

At each level, you play a 3D stickman racing against an AI opponent. Except for barriers like sticks on the track, you don't need to worry about the end position. Only a sufficient number of sticks may be used to construct a ladder long enough to traverse stairs and barriers. Keep calm and use as few sticks as possible when collecting them!

The goal of the fun ladder race is simple: stay on the track, build the stairs and overcome the obstacles to reach the finish line of the ladder race.

To win the ladder race challenge, compete against rivals, sprint on a running game track, and overcome obstacles. A difficult but soothing game to unwind and enjoy. Before the timer expires, construct the ladder and cross the finish line in 3D Ladder Race

Collect Ladder components on your shoulder, run quickly to defeat other Ladder racers, dodge hard barriers by building ladders, and win the race to become the master of new running games. Ladder Race 3D Game is a dangerous racing game with distinctive stages and challenging challenges. This one of the top Ladder Race 3D Games has a lot of Ladder making difficulties and racing fun in store for you.

Ladder Race 3D Game Specifications

  • Smooth and simple.
  • Colorful ladder game levels.
  • The greatest Ladder Race 3D Game environment.
  • Each level presents its own set of stair restriction issues.
  • 3D game environment with enjoyable gameplay

How to play

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard